Type: Housing reform project

Location: Calle Pintor Lorenzo Casanova, Alicante

Status: Finished 2016

Area: 129m²

Renovation of a second storey apartment overlooking the old bus station, now a rejuvenated and spacious open square in the centre of Alicante. Our task was to convert a dark and deteriorated space into a modern home that would feel light and fresh.

The original layout had two living areas at the front of the property and the kitchen at the rear, with bedrooms separating the daytime spaces.

Our aim was to make a clearer distinction between daytime and nighttime zones and provide a more efficient use of the floor area available. By joining the two living rooms and bringing the kitchen to the front of the property, we were able to create a large light-filled daytime space that opens out onto a small balcony overlooking the Plaza Seneca.

The result is a clean and contemporary city centre apartment.