Type: Reform project – Housing

Location: Alicante

Status: Finished 2014

Area: 179m²

For many people, the ides of “home” is changing. Many have left behind the purity of clean lines and the modernity of minimalism, to turn towards the warmth of forms and ornament.

We see it in the media, the modern home is no longer the one in which we can not fit people, but quite the opposite, is that in which the sofa is fluffy and the lighting is dim. It is a place where the demands of order and discipline are relaxed, where the passage of time is accepted and we reconcile the past with the future. A place where all the objects of our life fit, from the HD TV to the furniture inherited from your grandmother, going through all the memories of our lives and the drawings of our children. Because your home is the recipient of your life. And if our lives have baggage, our homes also have it.

To rehabilitate a home is not only to change the doors and paint, it is to listen and observe, to discover what is dormant and to take advantage of it. What just looked like an old house, forgotten and dark, became the perfect vessel for a family that flees from the rigidity of modern minimalism. We had wooden window frames and period windows that were painted, some interior wooden doors that became stained glass without losing their modernist configuration to get more light, we designed a hydraulic tile patchwork for the kitchen and it was printed to the housing a Victorian touch in the finishes and decoration with moldings, according to the taste of the owner. But not only that, we were lucky to discover high ceilings with which to work and structural walls of solid brick and stone to take advantage of. Furniture and light fittings from the original apartment were even recovered and upcycled to become part of the new home and the homeowners lives because everyone, even our homes, has baggage.

Interior Design