Type: New construction project – Education facilities

Location: Puerta Lumbreras, Murcia

Status: Finished 2010

Area: 3.900m²

Following its inauguration in November 2010, the Colegio Sagrado Corazon now accommodates approximately 450 pupils between the ages of 3 and 11 in a 3,900m² building distributed over three levels.

Level 0 offers 7 infant classrooms (3-5 years), each with large south-facing glazed doors that open out onto a paved terrace where the children can play. The play area and glazing are shaded by the projecting 12 primary classrooms (6-11 years) on level 1, where computer, language and music laboratories are also located. An airy double height space illuminates the administrative areas and library and leads to a more enclosed box that accommodates the kitchen and dining area on level 1 and an 800m² indoor gymnasium on level 2 that gives access to one of the two multipurpose playing fields.

A simply planned flexible space at level 0 provided a multi-use facility for the whole community to complete the variety of spaces that the building offers.